Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello dearest, after a while without news (don't think I wasn't looking for) we have a new and great store to show you. Today, I'll present the new Cornelius Sloat store - same creator as Corn. He oppened last week the Instinct Furniture, very good place to buy bedroom sets. As we expected the textures and sculpties are so well done, given a really realistic looking to the sets, and the animations are exclusive, some are similar as we are used to see but there is some news cuddles poses very good. This store fills a lack that Corn had, their bed wasn't animated. I must say I'd love to see some more colors, most of the sets are looking a bit grey and beige, what isn't bad, just expected more audacious - I hope it comes with new collections. Some sets are also very simple but they have their value cause the great sculpties, its a good option for who has prims problems. Pillows and sheets deserve a very close looking and all credits.

Store Location
Instinct Furniture

Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: bathrooms

Okay, today we are gonna talk about bathrooms, showers, sinks, hot tubs. Its really rare find good stuff for bathrooms in-world. I've been looking for a while and I defenetly found a good designer for that.
So, here you can see some examples about what I'm saying, anyways, if you want this room in your house, should look closer the store.
This sinks are very well done and mirrors have really nice textures, its a pitty SLLL still doesn't work to let us have reflections... bout that, I can't imagine what kind of video card would be necessary! Hahaha, so maybe better keep that way for now.
Back the subject, there is also some nice showers like this one, again very well done good textures, the shower itself is very cool, have animations too.

So if you intent have a good time with someone at the shower, this is a good optin. Anyways, this store have also all kind of furniture, nice animation, all kind of choices (if you know what I mean).

You can find all at:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

:: warm and elegant

Today, I'll show some room we furnish with Shelner's products and complements. This house was build into a thematic land (new england style) what doesn't mean you have to keep it inside. Particulary I prefer mix styles and make the place more soft. So here, the view is amazing and this room has a good open for a big veranda with nice ocean outside. How its a rectangular space, in one side (the back) its was placed a kitchen and the bay-window received benchs with animated pillows - all this furniture was already owned by the house's owner. What we did was combined the colors and make it a nice and elegant room, without ignore the warm feeling for a confortable space. So, it was choose dark red color as a principal tone and some other complementars as beige, brown and purple, where you can see in the rug and pillows. Also, it was used two chairs with natural textures to bring some "movement" to the room, also, their "egg" form make it all more ergonomic to look and combines with the two sculpted puffs in the middle. In this place, there is no prims problem but, anyway its not a big quantity there, you can manage with criativity and combining tones and colors to have a nice looking at your living room to receive well your friends. Try it and have fun!

1. couch - Shelner Inc.
2. rug - Shelner Inc. (exclusive)
3. chairs - Shelner Inc. ECO chair
4. Puff - Corn

Friday, May 9, 2008

:: bella for everything

I've been looking for a while something new to bring, so I decided to show a new piece of Shelner Store and how can looks nice when its well placed. Here is the new chair Bella, pair with a sweety small puff. Was designed to look as a happy and fresh furniture.

You can use at the varandas, or inside house like a complement to bring collor. Here I show you in a terras. A nice place to receive friends, talk, or even stay a while appreciating the view.

Shelner Inc.

Monday, April 21, 2008

:: shelner inc. store have new adress

Now, who want to take a look our products we have new adress so can be checked. Stop by, will be a pleasure receive you there. There is some news like the ball chair and much more.


Friday, April 18, 2008

:: achille castiglioni

Finally I found this lamp wich I'm a big fan in RL. Arco's Lamp was designed in 1962, when starts a great italian design production, after 2nd war period. This product is always presents in interior decoration since there. Its a very good replic, and matches pretty well with Noguchi furniture.

found at modern furniture

Monday, April 14, 2008

:: excuse us the mess up

We just changed the blog template and seems messed up everything. Excuse us for bad looking, next ones will be okay. Thank you for understandment. Shelner's Crew.