Monday, February 4, 2008

:: benefit from view

Ah!!! How do not take advantage of a good ocean view? This house privileges the great view of the beach in front. But how to furnish whe you have some ways around - doors and stairs. Well, here we decided to have a nice dinner room next the stairs, wich doesn't interfere the walk ways, (yes, you have to think about it, or you won't walk trough your house), in the back, two chairs looking very "softy", not much wood, not much fabric, doesn't interfere the transparency of the windows. Evrything is very transparent, like the glass table top. The chairs of the dinner romm, its a freebie modified object, and the rug its the sofisticated touch, bit without change the "lighter" looking of everything. On the corner 2 ceramic potery gives a complement without took prims from you. Outside plants and the beach helps make the scenary perfect.

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