Sunday, February 10, 2008

:: classics of design - original or copy?

Today, we decided to show a great real company, that made a great site in-world. There you can find virtual models of their real life stuffs (wish I admire and love in both places: secondlife and real life). Herman Miller, Inc., is a provider of office furniture and services. In-world they reproduce as close was possible their furniture. Here we will show you our favorities pieces, starting with some classics of furniture design: EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR. This chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, first produced in 1956, last year was celebrated the 50th year and still, looks soo contemporary and modern.
At Herman Miller Store, you can find 3 colors avaiable and, also, observe the details of textures and sculpties modelling. Its really great, you can have one at home in your bedroom, living-room, or at your store, office... always will look sofisticated. This are original models of originals furniture. Of course there is copies all over the world and here there is some explanations about it. Well, when some registered design completes 50years, then becomes a public domain. What does that means? It means that after that date, the owner of design doesn't have anymore rights of reproduction for the design, wich allow anyone to copy and/or reproduce. But, remember, an original piece (doesn't matter each type) is always an original piece with its REAL VALUE of quality and fidelity of the creation. Some of classic design furniture already are in public domain and you can find spread really bad reproductions all over. Ok, the second furniture we'd like to show is another classic design piece, by George Nelson, Marshmallow Sofa was also introduced by Herman Miller in 1956. 51 years after, this sofa is so cool and funny, can bring your place a color and spontaneous looking. The cushions can be all the same color or in multiple colors for the right look in a private office, lobby, lounge, living room, or anywhere.
To finish, we'd like to show some Herman Miller Office Furniture, The Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf , in 1995. So, watch out!!! Herman Miller owns the rights of this chair!!! Reproductions for others are not allowed. This office chair is really perfect, the model is very closer to the real one (each one is one of the most perfect chairs for offices already made, as I think). This office funrniture, for sure will bring your business site a very good impression and respect. Again, observe the great details of this furniture the sculpties and to finish as a great fidelity of appearence, the textures.

Couldn't go without say something about the building of the store, very well done, shows pretty well the Herman Miller spirit, modern, sofisticated, functional.

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