Monday, February 4, 2008

:: less is more

We decided to change the subject of this blog, and make it as a tool to help people to furnish and have a great house to live at secondlife. At first, the basis of the furnished will be our products, but also, will be showed nice things you can find in-world, done by the good and creative builders we have here.

This living room is an example how you can have a clean and sofisticated living room to receive your friends without too many prims. First, the couchs as very basic, and those takes the more quantity of prims, so you have to save the rest, but even they looking clean and basic they are the principal focus of the ambient. As a good complement, a side table, not too short in the corner, can have flowers or a lamp. In this case, we decided the flowers cause the big chandelier in the ceiling give us enough light and also, brings a sofisticated looking for the room. A simple rug with some tone color changing delimit the ambient where you can place a central short table, made with only one prim, but good textures and some freebies on (check your inventory, I know you will find great things there). The TV on the balcony with glass separes the other room, without be a physical wall. The final touchs comes with the flexy courtains (I love those laces) and the vase with papirus in the corner. Also, the painting in the wall, can bring a personal touch if you place a good picture of you.

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