Monday, February 4, 2008

:: save prims

When you rent a apartment, condo or house, you have to take care the avaiable prims for you. In this apartment at Summer's Resort, you are allowed to use 180prims. This doens't block you to have a good space. There is a good example how to have a great room with the limited prims. To separet the living room from the kitchen, we built a holed wall and placed a fireplace very simple, but with a modern looking, a good texture makes the difference. To receive your friends a big couch, in neutral colors and a chair is more than enough, complemented for the 2 side tables (1prim each) and a persian rug that contrast with the modern looking and balance it. How the texture floor here has some paterns, its not recomendated to use too many different colors. The harmony is something that makes an ambient confortable.
The opposite wall, there is a little balcony, and a vase with a small palm tree (free, full perms). On the balcony again, some freebies, that for sure, you can find on your inventory. Other side of the hole wall and the fireplace, the dinner room, with an icon of design the Saarinen table (2prims), and some freebie chairs modified. Just use your imagination and have fun!!

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