Friday, March 21, 2008

:: contemporary

Sometimes real life took us so much time, that we just can't keep doing nice things here, in seconflife, but, I'm back to show you two nice things I had for a while and didn't had opportunity to post. First of all, you must had noticed that I'm a big fan of clean, modern and well done things. So, I keep searching in secondlife nice builders or designers that can make very real things but also, with a good soft and modern look. One of them is Cult Modern Furniture Store, They have very good furniture, very good design but watch out the prims, that can be a bit big number.
Today, I want to show you this nice chairs, I loved the way it looks, very simple, but expressive design. It will look amazing in some modern interior decoration, minimalist or any kind of store, office. Also, the posers are great. Its a piece you won't have to worry to get wrong, always will look nice. There is 4 colors avaiable, as everything in store, and I must confess, those are my favorite colors: white, grey, black and red. Just watch out how you want your place looks, some green (plants) nice rugs and paintings in wall will broke the "cold" look some people think about this kind of furniture.

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