Sunday, April 13, 2008

:: great fashion style needs great builds

Hi everyone, yes I know we are not being so regular, but I must confess we are having some difficult to find nice things that matches with our thoughts about design, ethic and copyrights. Today, just had a talking with Milla telling we just can't talk about stores that use classic design products (replicas - check last posts), even in public domain, and don't show the credits of those products. That doesn't mean you don't have to have their products and also doesn't takes the talent they have to bring SL great and well done furniture. Anyway, if you know a good design just tell us and we will be very happy to check it.

But, how this blog is about Architecture and Interior Design, today I decided to show some great places, very well built and where you can find amazing products (avatar appearance). So, that’s my homage to those great designers who help us look very nice in SL.
At first I'll talk about Armidi Gisaci, who doesn't know who they are don't really know how to well dress in SL, they do great stuffs and very fair prices (what I personally think is a very good strategy). They built an entire SIM in a good classic style, when you are there it looks you are in some European sophisticated place with good looking people and good products, with a tropical touch.
The urbanistic layout is very cool, you have about six great builds for the stores, they all look different, but also a good complex.
The textures of the builds are softy and realitics, inside you can see very good ideas to show the products with creativity and some funny.
Easy to find things, its a pity the big lag, what I think is a combination of lots of prims and alpha channels with high traffic.

The other places that deserve been showed is GLAM, Viva La Glam, there is one of the most good shoes design, other great accessories store and female fashion clothes.
Its also a SIM with 4 or 5 stores, around to limited the land they model some mountains with much green in the back and well done landscape gardening.
The outside stores looks more dark, but still in a softy way, again the textures and lights use bring us a good reality sensation. Inside the stores you will see particular interior designs of each owner store. Both places brings you a good experience how Architecture, Interior Design, Creativity can valorize even more good products and show them with the maximum they can be.
Our sincerely congratulations to all those builders and design to bring us such a good and reality experience in-world.

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