Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello dearest, after a while without news (don't think I wasn't looking for) we have a new and great store to show you. Today, I'll present the new Cornelius Sloat store - same creator as Corn. He oppened last week the Instinct Furniture, very good place to buy bedroom sets. As we expected the textures and sculpties are so well done, given a really realistic looking to the sets, and the animations are exclusive, some are similar as we are used to see but there is some news cuddles poses very good. This store fills a lack that Corn had, their bed wasn't animated. I must say I'd love to see some more colors, most of the sets are looking a bit grey and beige, what isn't bad, just expected more audacious - I hope it comes with new collections. Some sets are also very simple but they have their value cause the great sculpties, its a good option for who has prims problems. Pillows and sheets deserve a very close looking and all credits.

Store Location
Instinct Furniture

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